When To Get The Maternity Photoshoot Done?

Wondering what is the best time to schedule your maternity photo session? Well, you are not the only one. Every mommy-to-be gets anxious when it comes to planning her pregnancy photoshoot and deciding when to take maternity photos.

To help you feel confident and comfortable when booking your maternity photo shoot, or get the good vibes when writing Maternity Shoot Near Me in the search bar, we have prepared a brief guide!

No doubt, finding the masks of pregnancy and watching your body change as your little hero grows up in the bump gives a magical experience. With the belly getting bigger, the joy and excitement get bigger as the due date approaches. Pretty soon, you will be welcoming a little hero into the world and you won’t even realise when you will get busy choosing the cute little outfits, setting up the nursery and stuffing the hospital bag. In no time, your whole life will take a 360-degree turn and you will be reasonably filled with a newborn bubble of joy and happiness.

So, it is important to embrace your most special journey and own the spotlight before your life makes a 360-degree turn. Fine, maternity portraits can perfectly help you out here. Maternity photography can be considered one of the best ways to frame your journey into motherhood into images. A pregnancy photo shoot helps you capture the joy and excitement of would-be-motherhood and allows you to look back and enjoy them in the future.

However, all you need to ensure is to choose the right time to schedule your maternity photoshoot.

Here are a few tips on choosing the right time to show off your pregnancy bump.

When should you have your bump photo shoot?

Your body is unique and we as experienced photographers believe, mother-to-be must schedule their sessions as per their comfort. We believe the best time for maternity pictures is when your baby bump is in good shape and you’re feeling comfortable. Usually, the best time to get a pregnancy photo session is during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy or between 28-34 weeks. The 7th or 8th month of pregnancy is the time when a mother has a fairly sizeable bump and her baby will not have dropped down too.

Thus, the beginning of your third trimester is the ideal time for a maternity photoshoot. If you choose to plan your photos sooner, consider the size of your belly and if you are happy with the shape of the bump, it’s good to move ahead. Although, there are mommies-to-be who have a highly petite bump which looks like only six months pregnant even when they are close to the end of their pregnancy. So, it depends on the body and when you search the “Maternity Photographers Near Me” or “Maternity Shoot Near Me”, you must ensure consulting your photographer to choose a time for you. Additionally, be wary that babies oftentimes end up making an unexpected early arrival.

Best time for the pregnancy photo shoot if you are expecting twins-

If you are expecting twins or you got a bigger baby bump, it is recommended to schedule your maternity photoshoot much earlier than usual. The best is around your second trimester. By this time, your bump will be well-shaped and you should still be feeling good, as well as comfortable.

I hope these tips help you choose the best time to get your maternity photoshoot done. Looking for a Cake Smash Photoshoot or a Pregnancy photoshoot? Get in touch with the experts now. Happy Session!


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