First Birthday Photoshoot Hacks to Count!

Whether you are a new parent or you are planning the birthday party of your second hero, you must be wondering how to make the special day more special and unique. Well, we understand your concerns and know where you need assistance.

We at Lifafaz have a team of seasoned photographers, who can help you get the best photos of your little hero’s birthday. Especially if you are in Noida, Delhi or NCR, and planning your little ones’ 1st Birthday Photo Shoot in Noida– look no further! Fret not if you put up out of the stations, we still have something for you. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the photography hacks and tips to count for the special day.

Let us dig more into the tips.

Balloons are evergreen!

No celebration is complete with the balloon décor and we cannot deny the fact. So, if you are planning your little hero’s birthday, don’t forget to invite balloons to your list as it instantly conveys a celebratory theme.

We often consider capturing a one-year-old cake smash photoshoot in Noida in unique balloon poses. One evergreen tip is to capture photos with your little one holding a cheerful balloon during the birthday party celebration.

On the other hand, you can also schedule the photo session with a bunch of multi-coloured colours and other decorations to bring in the mood this will indeed create magical moments. A bunch of balloons can be the right stop to make your little one and his friends smile from ear to ear!

Let’s Capture the family’s Magical Moments!

Another ideal tip on the list is to consider capturing family photos. As it is the best time to get creative family photos. Once the single photo shot of the birthday kid is done, consider including just the mom and dad or even include other members of the family, for instance, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. You can capture a few acted photos and some fun candid moments too.

A unique and classic pose you can try is with parents on either side holding either hand of the birthday kid. Sideways with taking the lovely sweetheart pictures, you can also display the family’s strength and the bond shared by the mother, father, and child.

The Trend: Number one sign!

As this is the first birthday photoshoot, consider going with the trend: The number one sign! The number one sign is one of the unsurpassed photoshoot concepts for your tiny tot’s first birthday. You can have a typical number-one flower or balloon bunch, or you can even unbridle your creativity and design a number-one symbol with the toys, or other props. Ongoing this tradition on every birthday confirms all beautiful moments during every birthday are seized and kept persistently to cherish forever!

 Bottom Line,

 The last personal tip is to capture candid photographs of the messy kid enjoying their time. Well, nothing can beat the supremacy of unfiltered and natural photos! 

Although it may sound a bit tough to get expected candid photos, all you need to do is to trust the photographer to capture some amazing shots while your little one enjoys their day. To wrap up, we would like to invite you to explore our expertise in capturing birthday shoots, pre-birthday shoots, Maternity Photoshoots Noida and more- Get in touch today!

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