How to Make Your Child’s 1st Birthday Photo Shoot Unforgettable

How to Make Your Child’s 1st Birthday Photo Shoot Unforgettable?

Looking to preserve each and every moment of your child’s 1st Birthday Photo shoot? We know you may have several things in mind and you are just stuck on which one to follow. Well, do not make it so challenging for you.

All you need to do is just go with the tips given below. We guarantee it will be the most memorable moment for your family. Make sure not to skip the content in the middle.

Number One: Select the Location

If you have chosen a mediocre-level location for a photo shoot, then you are just killing your moments. If you are serious about your child’s cake smash shoot, keep in mind that selecting the sublime location is indispensable.

You can either choose an outdoor location or select the best studio for a birthday shoot. It is all up to you. But we recommend consulting a studio who can decorate very nicely and use the amazing Theme you selected.

Number Two: Work on the Theme

Here you need to discuss with your family regarding what Theme to choose to make this birthday celebration unprecedented. We have seen so many couples go with a colourful or fun theme for their child’s first birthday.

If you have other ideas to apply, then just go for it. Go with a Princess or Superhero theme so that your child would love to see it. You can create unlimited memories there for lifelong.

Number Three: Select a Cake

The most important is choosing a delicious cake for the 1st Birthday Photo shoot of your child. We have given suggestions to so many couples that the cake should match the theme.

Moreover, whatever cake you choose as per your choice, make sure it is easy for your child to dig in. After that, click multiple pictures of your child and include yourself too.

 Number Four: Dress of your child

Most couples take time to select eye-catching dresses for their child on his/her first birthday. Every parent wants whoever sees pictures of their child’s first birthday to not only compliment the cake and theme but also say “The Dress is Excellent”.

To add charm, we suggest going for a cute and colourful outfit for your child. After all, it is about his/her incredible celebration.

 Number Five: Decorate Everything

Who believes decoration is everything? Do you? You are on the right boat. Parents should make sure that there is a proper arrangement of balloons, banners, and props.

In short, it should match the theme you selected for your child’s birthday. Keep in mind that decoration is safe so that it should not harm your child.

Conclusion: Do you want your child’s first cake smash photo shoot to go amazing? If yes, you can consult “Lifafaz Kids”. They have been providing this service for so long and are a more trustworthy name in the market. The team will make sure to capture every precious moment. Ultimately, “Lifafaz Kids” are even popular for maternity shoot in Noida. Contact us today if you need assistance.


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