5 Questions to Ask From Photographer During Cake Smash Photoshoot

5 Questions to Ask From Photographer During Cake Smash Photoshoot

A Professional photographer is dying to get your contract for a cake smash photoshoot. But how would you hire a photographer for this process?

Most couples don’t ask any questions from photographers and face problems later on. Asking everything before finalizing for a photo shoot is the right decision.

We know you are here to know what questions to ask from a photographer, so without any further ado let’s cut to the chase by understanding questions to ask.

Question 1: Experience and Portfolio

Couples require well-versed photographers who know everything about this photoshoot. So, your first question should be asking about their experience and how they made their photoshoot experience memorable.

They surely have a wonderful portfolio in hand so it is better for couples to watch that and see how creative that photographer is. If the portfolio is mind-blowing, we suggest delaying no further in selecting them for professional photoshoots.

Question 2: Themes and Props

The cake smash shoot is the first time for many couples. They don’t have a great understanding related to themes and props. Are you also in the same boat? If the answer is yes, let us inform you that your second question to ask from a photographer should be about themes and props.

Discuss potential themes so that you get to know how creative your photographer is to make this day incredible for you. There are many photographers who help couples by providing props. Keep in mind asking about this too. Your photographer will have great Theme ideas so that you get excellent-quality pictures.

Question 3: Outfit Suggestions

It is quite obvious that the cake smash session requires an ultimate outfit. But we can understand that you are planning for this shoot for the first time so you are not au fait about the right outfit. Let your photographer handle this to ease your efforts.

If you hire a well-trained photographer, he/she has a great understanding regarding outfits. The photographer will share the best idea and it will help couples to get amazing photographers. We believe you will not procrastinate in posting such beautiful pictures on social media platforms.

Question 4: Editing and Delivery

One of the most important questions to ask from a photographer is how much editing experience they have. Editing requires special skills where photographers turn a normal photographer into an exceptional one.

After all, you are doing all this to make awesome memories so your expectation would be getting the best-quality photographs. Don’t forget to ask this question from your photographer before giving a contact for a cake smash photoshoot.

Question 5: Cost and Packages

Last but certainly not least and it is related to their price and customized photoshoot package. There are tons of couples who are reading this blog on a lean budget. They can’t hire a photographer whose charges are high. So, discuss their packages and prices before shaking hands for a photoshoot.

Putting it all together

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