What, Where, & When Three Essential “W” of Maternity Photography!

What, Where, & When: Three Essential “W” of Maternity Photography!

What to Wear

When it comes to planning your maternity photoshoot, what to wear is one of the toughest decisions to consider. How to drape yourself in the maternity dress that suits you the most can put expecting moms in a dilemma before their session. Well, here we would ask you to consider one single mantra, don’t try to hide the bump and choose the dress that helps you flaunt your belly well. Because that’s the basic point of your Couple Pregnancy Photoshoot.

Clothes that hug the body are the best bet for maternity photoshoots. These dresses are more flattering. Mommies to-be can carry a flowy dress if she prefers, however, a photographer needs to find the best pose and help her to gather and hold the dress close under the belly for defined belly shots or try facing her into the wind.

Although, you must understand that appropriate dress is the ones aligned with the background, location and type of session. If you’re somewhere urban then maybe boots and bright colours can do well, similarly for the natural background, go with neutral tones and casual apparel.

Additionally, remember to accessorize your outfit for the Pregnancy Photoshoot with jewellery, scarves or fun shoes to make the look more classy!

When: When should maternity sessions take place?

The second vital question is to choose the right time for maternity sessions. Well, again we want you to consider the same mantra, “show off the bump’. Whether or not it’s a first pregnancy, the best time is the beginning of the last trimester and hopefully before 35 weeks. Once they reach that point, things start to get rough – getting up and down is rough and it’s hard to feel ‘pretty’.

If you choose to schedule your pregnancy photo session too early during the pregnancy journey, there is a chance that you might find it difficult to tell there is a bump which makes it sort of difficult, since this is the point!

The best you can do is to do is connect with your partner and decide when the time is right. Also, you must remember there are no complications like the risk of preterm delivery, physical restrictions, chances of bed rest or the mom is expecting multiples.


The location options are endless, but finding your location is not easy! You can go anywhere and make any location the apt location. Urban, outdoor, and indoor locations and you don’t have to concern about nap time either!

You can simply choose sunlight and get the expected photographs! The sun rays can work wonders for gorgeous backlighting or even head downtown since it will be almost impossible to do when the baby first arrives. Speak to the mommies-to-be about what they expect and want – bright colours and a fun feel, more natural or a lifestyle session at home? Because her comfort matters the most!

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