1st Birthday Photo Shoot Top Tips To Consider

1st Birthday Photo Shoot: Top Tips To Consider

Capturing the moment of your child is always a fantasizing thought that always comes to a parent’s mind. You capture all the milestones that he is going through. Henceforth, a 1st Birthday Photo Shoot plays a crucial role in documenting the growth of your little one. Therefore, for newborn photography in Noida, or maternity shoots, it’s always best to hire a professional to make your task stress free. In this article, you will come across tips that one needs to consider during the birthday photo shoot.

1. Choose A Right Kids Photographer

This is one of the most considerable factors in choosing a photographer wisely who has experience doing birthday photo shoots and newborn photo shoots of kids. Pick the photographer who is known to be the more favourable photographer for the kid’s photography.

2. Select The Location

Find an appropriate location that suits the theme and context of your photo shoot. You can do the photoshoot in the park, lawn, playschool, and many more places that go with the context. Moreover, during the 1st Birthday Photo Shoot in Noida, the cake smash photo shoot is one of the most loved. Therefore, choose either one or more locations for the shoot.

3. Schedule The Photo Shoot As Per The Child’s Sleep And Food Slots

A great photo shoot is always the outcome of good planning. Prioritize your child’s sleep and food slots so that he or should be highly energetic during the shoot. To do so, fix the time slot of the photographer accordingly. Moreover, it’s tedious to mismanage the sleep and food slot for the newborn photography Noida.

4. Layout A Theme For Your Child’s Birthday Photo Shoot

When you are planning for the 1st birthday photo shoot, it’s obvious that you want to make it special for your young one. Therefore, while doing so, you may select a theme such as jungle theme, under the sea theme, princess theme, prince theme, big boss theme, superhero theme, and much more. The theme will help your child to always recall his birthday.

5. Pick A Comfortable Attire For Your Little One

Choose comfortable, attractive, and cool attire for your little one for the cake smash photo shoot. Planning for the shoot of the young one, it’s always recommended to choose clothes wisely so that the child may not get distressed and uncomfortable.

6. Play With Your Child During Shooting

Playing with the child during the shoot makes him comfortable and safe. Moreover, your child will feel comfortable with the surroundings and it will lead to a successful shoot.

7. Bring A Rainbow Colored Cake

The cake is a signature posture during a shoot. Therefore, a Cake smash photo shoot is always recommended and suggested. Though this part of the session is a bit messier, your child will love and enjoy smashing the cake.


Hope you have plenty of ideas for the 1st birthday photo shoot of your child. Consider the above-mentioned tips and ideas to make the best photo shoot. Moreover, you can book an expert photographer to avoid any tantrums and make the birthday special. Therefore, book a slot for birthday photo shoots or Newborn Photography Noida.


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