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Lifafaz kid's Story

From College Roommates to Entrepreneurial Success: The Story Behind Lifafaz Kids Photography

Lifafaz Kids Photography’s story is about friendship, passion, and perseverance. Avinash and Aniket, the company’s founders, turned their shared passion for photography and fine arts into a successful business specializing in professional newborn, baby, family, and maternity photography Noida.

Lifafaz Kids’ incredible success can be attributed to their distinct artistic style, commitment to quality, and dedication to preserving precious moments. This blog will examine their journey from college roommates to entrepreneurial success stories.

The Beginning: A Friendship Forged in College

Avinash and Aniket come from very different geographical and cultural backgrounds, but they have similar tastes and interests in maternity photography Noida. Aniket was born and raised in Muzaffarnagar’s small village of Luhsana, while Avinash is from Gorakhpur’s small town of Sahjanwa.
They met in college in 2013, and their common interests quickly turned them into good friends, then roommates.   They studied various fine art mediums during their four years of college together. Aniket concentrated on applied arts, whereas Avinash concentrated on painting.   They bought a Canon 80D camera for art-related purposes during their second year of college. This purchase was a watershed moment in their photography careers, as both roommates quickly developed a love of photography and a desire to capture life’s special moments.

The Birth of Lifafaz Kids Photography

Avinash and Aniket started their own business, Lifafaz Kids Photography, because they shared a passion for maternity photography Noida. They honed their abilities to produce timeless, artistic portraits that families would cherish for years. With over five years of experience, they have developed a distinct artistic and luxurious style.

They believe each baby is unique and collaborate with their clients to create personalized cake smash photoshoot Noida sessions that reflect each family’s unique style and preferences. The Lifafaz Kids studio is outfitted with cutting-edge lighting and equipment. They only use the best materials to ensure their photos are of the highest quality.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Starting their own maternity photography Noida business was both exciting and difficult. Every step of the journey was filled with hard work, learning, and growth, from developing a business plan and bootstrapping to building a team and launching their product and services.


As entrepreneurs, Avinash and Aniket learned the value of perseverance, adaptability, and innovation. They are proud to have built a successful photography company that adds value to their customers while positively impacting the world.

The Future of Lifafaz Kids Photography

Avinash and Aniket have big plans for Lifafaz Kids Photography’s future. They intend to increase the number of studios, allowing them to broaden their reach and serve more clients.

They’re also looking into the potential of AI photo editing to automate aspects of the editing process, like colour correction, exposure adjustments, and skin smoothing.

This would save them time and allow them to concentrate on other aspects of their job, such as client interactions and creative direction.


Lifafaz Kids Photography’s story exemplifies the power of friendship, passion, and determination. Avinash and Aniket have built a thriving maternity photography Noida business that brings joy to countless families by capturing their most precious moments, from their humble beginnings as college roommates to the successful entrepreneurs they are today. Their distinct artistic style, dedication to excellence, and forward-thinking approach to photography set them apart in the industry.

As Lifafaz Kids Photography grows and expands, its commitment to creating personalized, timeless, and high-quality images remains at the heart of its mission.