4 Best Gifts for Child on 1 year photoshoot (2024)

4 Best Gifts for Child on 1 year photoshoot (2024)

Have you arranged everything for your child on a 1 year photoshoot? We are sure you have called all your close members to be part of this day. After all, your motive is to make unforgettable memories.

But you are forgetting one thing? Don’t you? Yes, we are talking about “Special Gifts” for your child on their first birthday. We don’t know what gifts you have planned but it should be fascinating and surprising for your child.

For those who are clueless and looking for some ideas for gifts, we can help you. We have decided to unpack a few of the most popular gifts that will keep your child happy all the time.

Make sure to keep all such gifts there during your photoshoot. Let’s dive into the pool now-

  1. Customized Photo Book

We believe in sharing a list with the most special one. When you arrange a photographer, tell them to capture this gift too. Most couples share this present on their child’s birthday and it makes a child feel happy all the time. You can go with a customized Photo book which involves dozens of pictures with beautiful captions. Write about your child and how happy you are when he/she stepped into your life. Keep in mind that customized photo books have amazing moments that can keep your child happy in the future.

  1. Personalized Baby Blanket

In the 1st birthday photo shoot, there is another present you can give to your child. It is none other than a Personalized Baby blanket. We are hundred percent sure your child will love a cosy and comfortable blanket. If you are planning your shoot during the winter season, it is the best gift for your child. You can keep that blanket for a long period of time. In your list of “Best Present for your Child” we hope you will keep this gift in your mind.

  1. Baby Shoes

Surprise! Surprise! Nothing can outdo a Baby shoes gift. If you want a smile on their face, gift the best brand shoes to them. Search only and find which is the best brand of shoes for a child. When you contact expert photographers for a 1 year photoshoot, tell them to capture baby shoes, too. Your child will always remember that when they see this gift in the upcoming years. Of course, you can thank us later!

  1. Baby Memory Box

Do you have tons of memorable items for your child? We guess you have, so use those items here. Buy the top-class baby memory box and keep all these valuable items there. Your child will save it and will be happy to see it in the future. You can tell them about your purchase of a hospital bracelet, the first t-shirt for a child, and so many other things. Get up and buy all such gifts today!

The Bottom Line

Are you planning for your child’s first birthday shoot or infant photo shoot? We are sure you have consulted the best studio. If not, connect with the expert photographer’s team of “Lifafaz Kids”. They are experts in this industry and have made a wonderful portfolio to show it. To get customized photoshoot packages, deal with this studio to help you.


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