LIFAFAZ Kids Image showreel

A beautiful way of presenting your Photographs

Lifafaz Kids Photography is here to help you in capturing the Memories of your beautiful Life experience. Parents are so busy in taking care of Babies that they forget to capture the beautiful moments of with their baby.

Available Image showreel Format

( Select any 1 format for your Lovely Photograph Memories )

Lifafaz kids SHOWREEL 

We offer multiple formats for Lifafaz Showreel. Presenting the Final Edited Images to your Friends and Family becomes very easy with Lifafaz Image Showreel. 

  • Once your Final Edited Photographs is sent to you. We will be sharing you the Image Showreel Samples. 
  • You will have to select the Format of your Choice. Every format requires different numbers of Images to be used.
  • We will again ask you to shortlist from the Edited Images or you can mention us to make in our own style.
  • Note : Not all formats requires both Text and Images.
  • If you want the images and text to be used in any specific order, We would love to know in advance about the sequence you are looking for while submitting the showreel information. 
  • The order of Images or text cannot be changed once the Image showreel is made as per our style.
  • We would love to hear from you for the Text or Phrases, you want to see in your Image showreel.
  • We don’t add any random or automated texts. We do create either on Customers input or our content writers input.
  • We do not recommend adding lots of text or phrases per image appearance.
  • We have a particular background song or music for each format. We will continue with the same Music for showreel creation.
  • Incase you want to change the song of your choice. Do provide us the song or part on any song that matches the showreel timeline.
  • We don’t do remixes in Image showreel.
Urgent Showreel
  • If customer is looking for a showreel within 1-2 day. We won’t be able to create it by using the Edited Images due to time shortage.
  • We do create it with the Camera Raw images in case of urgency with minor corrections. But once the Showreel is made using Raw images. Showreel won’t be recreated again with Edited pictures for the customer.