These Tips Will Take Your Cake Smash Photoshoot to the Next Height!

Cake Smashing photography is the high trend these days and the reason is obvious, cakes are highly loved by babies. During 1st Birthday Photo Shoot, the babies are provided with a cake to destroy and get everything; meanwhile, a photographer will capture these cute little moments of your baby. The first birthday is always special, so adding cake to smash is indeed the best idea to make the day more special and your little hero a little happier.

During the Cake Smash Photoshoot, the kid gets a cake to ruin, eat, and play, meanwhile you capture the moments, the kids love playing with the softness of the cake. Cake smashing gives you chance to capture the smiling babies and treasure them for a lifetime.

Well, to help you out, and make the best out of the cake smash photo session, here are some noteworthy tips.

Select the Theme that your kid loves

When it comes to selecting the theme for your kids’ birthday photo session, ensure you consider your little hero’s preferences. There are multiple sweetened tips for a cake smash theme considering Disney Theme, Marvel Superheroes, Pokémon and other cartoon network ideas. Additionally, don’t forget to drape up your little hero in the dress that would complement the theme.

Choose the Cake Wisely

Whenever choosing a cake, it is recommended to be extra mindful. Ensure you avoid black and brown colour cakes because when smashed black and brown cakes do not seem appropriate. Choose cakes with bright colours so that kids would love to eat and play with them. No doubt, soon the cake will be messed up, so avoid spending too much money on it, but don’t go for a cheap cake that can cause allergies to the kid.

Outfit Ideas

The outfit is truly more important than you think. If you can’t decide how to drape your hero that suits them the best, try consulting an experienced photographer, but don’t end up choosing any random family heirloom as you never want to ruin it after a single photography session. Other than that, you can consider choosing something cute and trending dresses. If it gets tough to go with the theme-related costume, choose colours that complement the colour of the cake. There are various ideas considering a diaper cover, suspenders, a bow tie, and a gorgeous cap. The same tip can enhance the girl’s outfits as well. You can drape up your baby girl in princess costumes with rosy frills, a jumper, or tiny little cleats. To enhance her charm, add some cute accessories like headbands, necklaces, and sandals.

To Conclude,

While you are implementing all these ideas, don‘t forget to select the professional experienced Photographer. Go for a professional photographer who can give you a guarantee of providing the best pictures. Now that you are confident to choose a cake smash for your kid’s 1 Year Photoshoot, visit Lifafaz. Our experts have enough experience and expertise for trendy designs and give you customised solutions for the photoshoot.


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